She was edgy, anxious, and exhausted of being so raw…being so exposed to the elements around her. The darkness unnerved her, despite her long familiarity with it. It seemed like a familiar enemy…one with whom battle will always be waged.

She longed for relief, for the glimpse of some light breaking through the forces of darkness surrounding her. The dark was closing in on her like a degenerative disease that creeps in slowly, always looming around, but shrouded in ambiguity. Where was the light? It seemed like such an alien concept to her.

People came to her, calling out ‘light’, ‘light’…did they not know that she herself was searching for it? She felt helpless as they stood by her, waiting, and then moved on soon afterwards. She wished she could ask them to take her along with them in their search for light. Maybe then she would no longer be so frightened, alone in the darkness. Alas, she had to take solace from those few hours of company.

One day, there came along two men carrying a beautifully large mirror. They took refuge by her side and what she saw amazed her! Reflected in the mirror she could see a striking bright yellow light. It was like a glimpse of hope, a sun that could give rise to dawn and defeat the night’s darkness.

She looked around desperately searching for the source… but only saw the familiar darkness. Looking back at the mirror she finally realized that the source of light was actually her own self!

Unbelieving and hesitant, she slowly started exploring…tentatively looking at herself, understanding who she was… what she was! It was the most terrifyingly wonderful experience! An enlightening experience that left her with the most valuable knowledge: She was the light she was always seeking.

Looking around all she could see was darkness, but looking within she found a light so bright, that it would illuminate not only her own self but also all the passersby that took refuge near her. She wondered: if the light herself searched for light, then how would she ever be happy? And how would she ever be able to shine brightly for the people who had no light?

Sometimes, from the perspective of the light, all the surroundings seem dark…the light cannot see her own brightness and wastes her life finding another light when all she had to do was look at herself! Knowing this truth, she changed. The forces of darkness remained where they were, but this time she had her own forces to use. She had finally accepted her true identity and had found what she had always craved. The lonely lamppost became a source of light and companionship.

And the light was never afraid of the darkness again.