India is a country filled with a myriad variety of places to visit! It has something for everyone. Be it the breezy Goan beaches, or the cold Himalayan hill stations, there are many holiday destinations to go to within India! My personal favorite however, has always been Rajasthan! Udaipur, Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur…you name it, each place within Rajasthan is uniquely beautiful and worth visiting!

No wonder I get extremely happy and excited this time of the year, during wedding season, when I get to travel to places like Jaipur and Udaipur which are especially popular wedding destinations for their royal history and gorgeous architecture! This November I went to Udaipur for a very close friends wedding. Udaipur, also termed ‘The City of Lakes’, is the historic capital of the Kingdom of Mewar. It is home to many of the Rajput-era palaces built from the 16th century onwards that still stand today, with many of them having been converted into luxury hotels

The wedding was held at the recently opened Ananta Resort located in a beautiful and secluded valley, but I knew I couldn’t leave Udaipur without spending a day seeing the beautiful palaces and enjoying the beauty of the lake.

So I spent an extra day in the city with a very close friend and co-blogger, and we decided to do a bit of a luxury day exploring those amazing palace-turned hotels. Our first stop was the Leela Palace Hotel, located on Lake Pichola. The only way to get to the Leela is by boat. As we were ferried towards the hotel, the view of its beautiful architecture took our breaths away, what a grand place it was!

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After eating a lovely lunch at the restaurant we were given a boat tour of the other palaces on the lake: The City Palace and the Lake Palace! The former was the main royal residence of the Maharana, while the latter was a white marbled ‘Summer Palace’ at the center of the lake! It was so serene and beautiful, I could easily have spent days on end in this place just relaxing and reading and enjoying the view! Unfortunately, I just had a day to enjoy this beautiful place.

Along the boat ride we came across many temples and houses along the banks of the river, some of them dating back to the time of the Mewar Kingdom. It truly felt like an Indian version of Venice!

The day finally ended as we drank some champagne overlooking the sunset, the lake, and the surrounding hills. The Leela Palace surprised me by making a personalized dessert saying ‘Thank You’ to #thelittlebrowneyes which was absolutely lovely! It was the perfect end to the perfect day!

Udaipur truly is a place like no other, surreal in its beauty, frozen in time and history, and undoubtedly royal in its hospitality!