When your choices will soar above the burdens of convention,

When your decisions will counter the forces of obligation,

When your mind will bloom in fields filled with more variety and beauty than the mundaneness around you,

When your heart will beat for meaning beyond flirty frivolity and temporary solace,

When the din around you, filled with farcical conversations and pretentious laughter, will be quieted by the silence within,

When you will be able to look into the mirror and face yourself with the knowledge that you stayed true, you stayed honest…

That is when you will truly be free.

For freedom is a state of individuality, unbound, untethered even to one’s own tendency to censure, to judge, to chastise…

Freedom is heresy. It asks you to break from the norms one sees as a compulsion and ‘the way to be’. There is no ‘way to be’ for a free person…there is no ‘way’, but a leisurely wandering and meandering amongst the beauty and tragedy that is life.

You are free if you have lived a life filled with decisions and choices uninfluenced by others,

You are free if you can enjoy the material things while being aware of its flippant nature and explore spirituality without allowing it to engulf you completely…

You are free if your relationships are forged on the basis of genuine fondness and depth of connection, with no entanglements in the fake ties of social popularity.

You are free if you can enjoy the simple things like the taste of a hearty meal, the joys of the sunshine or the feel of turning the page of an interesting book…

You are free if you are living a life that has satisfied you, even if it is devoid of the fame and fortune one often characterises as ‘the good life’.

You are free if you are unafraid, unconcerned, unaffected by the stereotypes, assumptions, categorisations that we are so often surrounded by…that suffocate us with each year of growth as we live in a society that knows no different.

You are free if you know yourself clearly and present yourself with the same unabashed clarity.

You are free if you explore, appreciate and accept yourself for what you truly are – an individual who is free.