Filled with ideals, full of love and dreams,

She grew up with a golden spoon and the heart of a child.

Captured too quickly by chatter, enamored by beauty,

She was absorbed foolishly…without paying it a mind!


The first hit was hard: broken delusions, shattered expectations.

A rare and unlucky deal, it happens, she reasoned.

Cried it out, bucket full of pearls, but still un-shattered ideals.


The second time was harder, soul hitting, leaving her confused… why is this happening to me?

The enthusiasm dulled, the eagerness faded, but her pain was lost to the world and its people.

So what of the breaking of a single soul? It is worthless in the world of those sold souls, for a price that is untold…


Gleaming smiles, shinier talk, surrounded her wherever she walked…

‘What was she searching for’ they all wondered, when she stepped out of each exclusive crowd.

Nobody stopped to give a thought; nobody tried to make her stop.


She never stopped searching,

She held her soul together,

Hoping that one day her endurance would give her the fulfilment she sought,

A faith she seemed to have without a doubt.

But the years passed and the rooms continued to fill with mindless people, living hollow within.

The parties ran late, the glasses filled, the smoke of illusion suffocating.

The more she ran away from it the more isolating,

The more she held on to her soul the higher the price she kept paying…


Until, she gave up.

Not because it was all too tempting,

But because the world was unrelenting.

It was never the place for childish hope or pure expectation,

For candid expression or genuine endeavor,

It was all about the many ways one was able to portray themselves to win favor.

It was all about selling out, to buy the love, the wealth, the fame, and to forget what was inborn within,

And that is how every child learned to grow up the same…