The loudest people can be quiet within.

The most inflated minds – hollow inside.

The sweetest people may be bitter beneath.

The most innocent intentions with devils behind.

The brightest smiles may be masking dark shadows,

The most beautiful eyes concealing untold terrors…


The glittered garments can’t hide the body’s scars.

The makeup can’t conceal the sickness under the skin.

The lesser people pretend to feel, the more pain they feel within.

The purchase of materials won’t make your soul richer.

The intoxication of senses won’t make your mind move faster.


The people who abuse the most are still waiting for one kind word.

The people who raise their hands on others, are just waiting to be held with love.

The people who make others cry, tend to weep alone in their hearts…

Sometimes, reality is merely illusory. Sometimes, what we see isn’t what we get. And sometimes, in order to gain, we have to lose the pretence!


Be a person who laughs less but when laughs, laughs completely.

Be a person who even when dressed simply, is illuminated by their inner beauty.

Be a person who desires natural things: the sun, the cool breeze, the stars – these will complete you.

Be a person who does not need people just to feel valued, but wants them because of their irreplaceable value.

Be a person who boldly wears their skin even with its flaws. Boldly loves their body even with its wrongs.

Be a person who is of balanced mind, sound composure, honed intelligence and a humble sense of self.


That person, and no other, will truly look into a mirror and see pride and success.

Perfection is in imperfection. Accept your imperfections and the world will see you as perfect.