The Little Brown Eyes

A Creative Exploration Blog by Sanjana Shah



This blog is an attempt to unravel my thoughts and opinions and the truths and realities it stems from. The three words ‘Kefi – Kairos – Khwabeeda’ encapsulate my vision, approach, and lifestyle philosophy:

With Kefi, the spirit of enthusiasm and excitement for life, I hope to approach all experiences, whether trying or comforting.

With Kairosthe perfect crucial moment to create an opportune atmosphere for action, words or movement, I hope to transform those experiences into little memory bubbles that I can tap into for life lessons or rejuvenation.

And finally, I promise to embody Khwabeeda, the dreamer, that has always strived to find magic despite disillusionment; an inherent side to my personality that lives in the sky, that thinks spiritual, philosophical and creative.

This blog is my attempt to explore my perceptions and write about everything and anything that inspires discourse within me, which makes it a lifestyle blog I assume? I am unsure of the technical terms but my journey through this blog will consist of a mixture of melancholy ponderings, passionate ramblings, exotic travel stories, inspiring philosophies and cultural melting pots. In a world where we are so connected, I believe it is necessary to have a unique mind and opinion and share it without fear – fear of being judged or scrutinised or categorised. This blog is my humble attempt at doing that.

We live in such a concrete world, with such concrete norms that I have now, increasingly so, come to enjoy being abstract, metaphoric, idealistic and romantic. Each person see’s and experiences the world through their own eyes and that experience of each individual is unlike any other. So please come and join me as I attempt to see the world through #thelittlebrowneyes! I hope my thoughts echo with you and make you reflect upon your own experiences and realities!





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